Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings: Explanation of the end!


Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings have introduced a new hero, a new villain, and an entirely new world to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To add even more to the mix, the movie also has two new post-credits scenes that appear to capture the future of the MCU. To find out when Shang-Chi 2 will be released, read this.

The highly anticipated movie is seen by fans as the official start of Marvel's Phase 4, the movie series that directly follows Avengers: Endgame. Endgame wrapped up a decade of Marvel's big-screen narratives, marking the end of several long-running storylines and saying goodbye to some of the MCU's most well-known characters.

Now Shang-Chi has arrived to kick off the next era. The movie is solely owned by Marvel and it takes place in the present day of the MCU. Shang-Chi has long been expected to take the MCU forward on a storytelling front. We tell you all about the end of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings!


As Shang-Chi floats underwater, he remembers his last emotional conversation with his mother. This scene is loaded with sadness and pain, but also love and warmth, a heartbreaking farewell that reminds Shang-Chi of the balance of darkness and light that has always existed within him and his family.

Moments later, he opens his eyes, his lungs fill with air, and with the help of the Great Protector, he is launched onto the rock ledge where his father is busy hammering the sacred gate of Ta Lo.

At peace with both sides of himself, Shang-Chi is not only capable of defeating his father in battle but also of wielding the Ten Rings, as his mother did decades before him. He takes the trauma and pain of his childhood and creates something new and better out of his scars using the same artifacts his father once used to destroy the personification of darkness in the movie while rising above him. 'she. At this point, Shang-Chi is totally triumphant.

At the end of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings except for the post-credits sequence, the movie sees Shang-Chi and Katy recounting their experiences to two friends, who are skeptical until Wong appears and invites Shang-Chi and Katy through a portal. Much like the scene in the middle of the movie's credits, this scene serves primarily to define the future of the duo in the MCU. But this is not the climax of the movie, nor the culmination of the Shang-Chi arc.

This moment comes in the calm scene that precedes Shang-Chi and Katy's light conversation in a bar, a scene in which he and the surviving villagers of Ta Lo come together to honor those who died during the movie final battle. Calm and sweet, this scene sees him, along with Xialing and Katy, lighting a lantern for Wenwu. It’s a touching, subtly devastating moment that marks Shang-Chi’s ultimate recognition of the parts of himself he has tried to forget for so long.

The key to transcendence, as Yeoh's Ying Nan states earlier in the movie, is to accept who we are, including those aspects of our personality that we would rather not acknowledge. That means accepting his father, his family, his past, and himself for Shang-Chi.


Shang-Chi's first post-credits scene actually takes place in the middle of the credits. This is a sequel to the end of the movie where Shang-Chi and Katy accompany Wong to what appears to be the base of the magical arts known as New York's Sanctum. The scene unfolds as Wong analyzes the Ten Rings and struggles to understand their origin.

Shang-Chi, Wong, and Katy consult with Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, and Bruce Banner, aka Hulk. Before departing for an unspecified emergency, Danvers says the rings are not of alien origin. Banner isn't sure what they are either. The group concludes that the rings are very old and very powerful. The group also determines that the rings are emitting some sort of signal or beacon, but no one knows who might be receiving it.

In Shang-Chi's second post-credits scene, Banner appears fully human, and no one mentions him. There is no explanation as to when he defused himself or how he did so. It's unclear if his human form is permanent or if he can consciously switch from one form to another, but he has clearly found a way to become a human Bruce again.

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