The Intrusion: Is the movie based on a true story?


The Intrusion is available on Netflix! If you want to know if The Intrusion was inspired by a true story, read on! Sometimes being locked up at home during a global pandemic is not exciting enough. So watching a movie about a home trespass is one way to shake things up.

Netflix's latest thriller, The Intrusion, centers on a couple, Meera and Henry, who begins a new chapter in a new city after Meera's battle with breast cancer. But how true is The Intrusion?

While the premise of the movie is rooted in much of reality, The Intrusion on Netflix takes a horrific turn when Meera discovers that she may be more alone than she thought after her new home. Henry and she had been robbed twice in two days. The secrets of their new city lurk behind the surface of the movie, to discover the explanation of the ending, read this. Otherwise, you are told if The Intrusion is based on a true story!


The Intrusion is not based on a true story. The movie is directed by Adam Salky from a script by screenwriter Chris Sparling. The writer is known for such works as Buried, the Ryan Reynolds movie, and ATM, the 2012 horror thriller. The writer seems to have a flair for thrillers, and The Intrusion is another feather to add to his. hat.

The movie can look like it was ripped from the pages of a newspaper, and parts of the home invasion story are unmistakably genuine. Due to its lack of housing, the Land of Enchantment is subject to such attacks.

However, despite its fictional basis, the project remained dear to the director's heart. In the director’s own words, he only makes movies where he wants to have a personal connection. When he found out about the storyline, it was full of suspense, surprises, and twists and turns. But this skin-deep thriller also had a deeply personal connotation for the director, as he particularly sympathized with the character of Meera.

The director saw his friend come out strong from the malignant disease, and so he was able to trace Meera's journey to be authentic. The treatment of the character in the script seemed realistic to him, and he got involved in the project. Therefore, although the film is largely fictional, a personal touch allows the story to stay grounded in reality.

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