We Need To Do Something: Explanation of the end!


We Need To Do Something works on several levels. As a portrait of a broken family, as a closed-chamber mystery, as a demonic possession movie, and as a surreal horror.

Director Sean King O’Grady and screenwriter Max Booth III have managed to produce a claustrophobic and tense camera about a family and potentially a world on the brink of collapse. The movie leaves the most important questions unsolved, but there is no doubt that if things are horrible outside, the horror inside their small place could be even worse.


In We Need To Do Something, a family takes refuge in their bathroom during a storm warning. After the storm passes, the family finds themselves trapped in the room, the door blocked, with limited views of a hellish landscape outside of the questionable safety of their bathroom.

Parents, Robert and Diane, attack each other in the middle of aggressive spurts with Robert's machine gun. Mel is versatile, cranky, self-centered, and full of disdain. She is actually Scarlett from American Horror Stories, with a murderous girlfriend. She's grappling with her literal scabs and the metaphorical scabs her entire family wears.

Through flashbacks, we learn that Mel and his girlfriend Amy may be responsible for the strange storm and its even stranger aftermath. Here's everything you need to know about the ambiguous ending of We Need To Do Something.


The central premise of the movie is how the family finds themselves trapped inside, a gigantic tree blocking the bathroom door, the only exit from the room. Thick glass panels adorn the bathroom walls, and the tiles are made unbreakable, at least initially.

This sense of inertia permeates most of the movie, as evidenced by the many scenes where a supernatural growl is heard from outside, foreshadowing the presence of a bloodthirsty creature. Although the creature in question is never shown explicitly, it has a demonic voice and is known to kill almost anyone it sees.

In a disgusting turn of events, Melissa tears off the demonic dog's still wagging tongue and incite her family to devour her, as they are stuck in a room with no food or provisions.

O’Grady indulges in the sheer shock factor at the end of We Need To Do Something, where the only survivors, Diane and Melissa, cry out when someone kicks down the bathroom door. Before that, Diane had managed to remove a brick, carving an opening large enough for her to pass, to assess the situation outside their house.

What happens to Diane is never shown, although she returns terrified, almost catatonic, and drenched in blood, unable to speak of the horrors she has encountered outside. As Melissa and Diane are about to calm down, terror hits the door and the screen turns a bright red.

While it can be said that the duo doesn't survive to the end, it's unclear who or what is responsible for their deaths, and if the creatures are manifestations of Melissa's guilt. After losing Bobby, bitten by a deadly rattlesnake, Diane is inconsolable, while Robert grows into a rage after Melissa admits the fate that potentially caused this calamity.

Going blind for some inexplicable reason, Robert attempts to maim Diane, prompting Melissa to strike her father to death. Are these events the result of a strange, supernatural situation, or the sheer fate of an unhealthy family dynamic?

How much of Melissa’s visions are promotions, or are they just the product of a deranged mind? These questions are never answered in We Need To Do Something, which chooses to end on a note of obtuse bewilderment.

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