Supernatural Season 15: Amazon Series Ending Explained!


Supernatural is available on Amazon Prime Video! If you want to know the explanation for the end of Season 15, read on! The oldest genre television show, Supernatural, finally peaked in its series finale on November 19, 2020.

The Winchester brothers have done enough rodeos with death and the beyond. They have returned from the dead several times throughout the series. It's not at all an impossible thing for Sam to resuscitate Dean and bring him back to life. In a series as crazy as Supernatural, coming back from the dead is a normal thing.

The creators of the series took a lot of time and thought to finally give the series goodbye. So, is there a chance for a new season? We tell you everything here. If you have any questions regarding the ending of Season 15 of Supernatural, read on!


While Dean was fighting a beefy vampire, he was thrown against a wooden beam before Sam intervened to save him. Unfortunately, he arrived a few seconds too late. The vampire was dead but Dean was unable to move. Literally.

Impaled on protruding rebar, Dean begged Sam to stay with him. Time and time again, Dean has been brought back from the dead over the show's 15 seasons. But this time, he asked Sam to let him go. An overwhelming choice on the part of the writers.


And so began the emotional farewell that was suspected, but never thought to happen. The Winchesters shared a tearful final goodbye, Dean confiding in Sam that everything has always been about him, confirming once and for all that younger brother Winchester is the heart of the show.

In typical Supernatural style, a heartfelt musical montage on Kansas hit "Carry On My Wayward Son" aired as we watched Sam be a father to his young son Dean. We barely see her in the background, but as Sam plays ball with his son, we're convinced the woman watching us from the back porch is Eileen.

That's the perfect detail, considering Sam's romantic relationship with her and the ongoing journey to be with her again. This is also the endpoint of their respective stories, given that Sam brought her back from the dead a few episodes ago before Chuck eliminated her and the rest of the world from the equation.


Now, according to Bobby, Heaven is just a place where everyone can be happy together. Upon arrival, Dean was able to share a beer with the father figure and everyone's favorite bearded hunter on the porch of Harvelle’s Roadhouse.

The only thing Dean was missing here, other than the fact that his mom and dad lived just down the street, was his little brother. But as Bobby explained, weather works differently in Heaven. And as Dean decides to take Baby for a drive through the beautiful landscapes of Heaven, with Kansas on the speakers, the years pass on Earth for Sam.

Images of young Winchester raising his son, counterbalanced by a tearful moment of a gray-haired Sam in the Impala, led to a much older Sam on his deathbed with his son by his side. As Dean has done for his brother all these years ago, Dean, Sam's son, is now giving his father the green light to walk away and leave.

After 15 years, it's a real challenge to say goodbye to the Supernatural family for good. Especially when you know that time and time again, these heroes have died and come back to life. But given that this final season was all about free will and the struggle for boys to break free from God's control to write their own stories, the simplistic nature in which the series ended seems almost perfect. A typical Supernatural ending, full of humor, meta-references, and heart.

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