Privacy policy is very sensitive to the protection of the personal data of its Readers. All the rules applicable to the protection of your personal data, such as technical measures to protect your digital data, appear in this document, which you must accept when you first connect to the website. informs you that by continuing to browse our Services (in particular through a scrolling action or by clicking on “close this banner”) you accept the collection by MisterHB of personal data concerning you to the extent described in these conditions.

1. Misterhb collect some of your personal data

When you visit the website on a personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone, MisterHB collects and processes personal data about you which is necessary for MisterHB to be able to display the content you wish to consult/view online. / read online. Following the Global Personal Data Protection Regulations, MisterHB informs you that this is a processing of data without consent “necessary for the performance” of the contract between you, “Reader”, and us, ” MisterHB “Among the data concerning you that MisterHB processes, MisterHB is likely to use the processing or storage capacities of your terminal (for example by the use of” cookies “) as well as certain technical data issued or transmitted by your terminal.

2. Purpose of processing your personal data

All personal data collected directly and processed directly by MisterHB from its website is intended to allow MissterHB to technically provide an efficient service for its Readers (improve your browsing on our website) and the IT security necessary for the proper functioning of the website (technical identification of your terminal for example).

These data are collected either automatically when you connect your terminal to the website, or when you send information about yourself to MissterHB and are intended to allow MissterHB to technically operate the www.MisterHB website. .com .com as well as the use of the various services offered on the website

Finally, some of your personal data is necessary for MisterHB to allow us to provide you with the services described in our General Conditions. Click on this link to view the full text of the General Conditions of the website

Unless it allows MisterHB to offer you a personalized online advertising service, MisterHB undertakes not to market your personal data to third parties, except to inform you and possibly ask for your prior consent.

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